Change of use , occupancy calculation, parking analysis
and house project planning.

Change of use permits or Certificate of Occupancy When:
the first use of a building or a change of use of a building or
A change of lesser on an existing CO, and
An existing use expands or decreases the floor area
Whether you are developing commercial property, designing your dream home, or renovating your current home, we can help you!  We will develop the plans with your input at every stage, and provide everything that will be needed to get a permit from your city.  We are a one-stop shop.  Our goal is to be with you from start to finish, make the process easier on you, and get your plans approved by the city.

FAST Approval

Change of use site plan occupancy calculation and can get your permit(s) issued FAST.

We have a proven track record
& parking analysis.

We have 18 years of experience and charge less than an architect or landscape architect would charge.

You receive the highest quality work for a low price, in a short amount of time.

Save Time and Money

Change of use permitsWe handle aLL the city and change of use permits

Our work includes obtaining building permits, Certificate of Occupancy CO, Planned Development PD, Conditional Use Permit CUP, Board of Adjustment BOA, Special Use Permit SUP, Residential Adjacency Review RAR and all other hearing approvals.

We also handle all the submittals and plan reviews required for your permits. Our services include expediting Change of Use permitting and expert Change of Use consulting.

We can represent you at public hearings.

We process everything with the Building Department, Planning Department, Health Department, Parking Enforcement, Code Compliance, Board of Adjustments, P&Z, City Council, even Valet Permits.

Our Clients

Business owners, developers, homeowners and contractors.

We streamline the permitting process for commercial or residential construction in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

We Provide the Plans!

Parking Analysis

We prepare all the plans you need to get your permits for Change of Use and Parking Analysis

⇒ All plans are prepared in Autocad.
⇒ Our plans are extremely accurate and complete.
⇒ We guarantee to help you to approval of our plans.

Plan types include:

  • Restaurants
  • Medical Clinics and Offices
  • Custom Homes
  • Room Additions
  • Change of Use consulting
  • Valet Parking Permit Plans
  • Parking Site Plans for bars and restaurants
  • Plans for Lease Spaces
    … such as restaurants, medical clinics and retail stores
  • Interior Remodels
    … such as kitchens and bathrooms, garages, decks and patios
  • Interior Finish-Out Plans


  • We also design buildings from scratch

I'm here to help you find information related to house addition drafting. Here are some useful search results:

  • House Addition Drafting Services: Look for companies or professionals that offer   drafting services specifically for house additions. We are local firms or freelancers who can create detailed plans and blueprints for your home addition project, we are here to help.
  • House Addition Design Ideas: Explore various design ideas and inspiration for adding an extension to your house. This can help you visualize different possibilities and choose a design that suits your needs and preferences.
  • House Addition Permits and Regulations: Research the building permits and regulations required for adding an extension to your house. It's essential to ensure that your project complies with local building codes and regulations.
  • House Addition Cost Estimation: Look for resources that provide cost estimates for house additions. This can help you plan your budget and determine the feasibility of your project.
  • House Addition Architects: If you need assistance from an architect, search for professionals who specialize in house additions. We can help you with the design, planning, and execution of your project.
  • House Addition Construction Contractors: If you're looking for a contractor to handle the construction phase, search for reputable construction companies experienced in house additions. Remember to always verify the credibility and reputation of any service provider you consider working with. Additionally, check local laws and regulations that may impact your house addition project. Good luck with your search and home addition project! Call us for more details and information.

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