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AU Design US

(formerly DFW CAD Drafting)
We create drawings fast and with unparalleled accuracy using the newest, integrated thermal camera technology.

Our Leica imaging laser scanner is the result of uncompromising dedication to a minimalistic aesthetic and the simplification of reality capture.

Architectural Drafting Design

You can count on our experienced team of designers to deliver exceptional work at a competitive price to Texas. Our design work includes residential & commercial drawings, layouts and floor plans.

custom home designs

We provide residential and commercial drawings for new structures.

Remodeling Plans & Room Additions

Add-On’s and additions to existing commercial and residential structures.

As Built Plans

We are a Texas local as-built company and We use the latest technology to provide you with cutting-edge 3D laser scans of your project.  Our 3D scans collect thousands of 3D coordinates or points cloud which create an extremely accurate output useful in managing a property.

Finish-out Plans

We produce finish-out plans that meet all state and city requirements for commercial & residential buildings.

CAD Drafting Services

Our company has an extensive background in drafting & design, and have worked on a wide range of projects in Texas. We produce expert, fast and accurate layouts and diagrams.


As Built Survey Site Plans

We use thermal camera technology to create precise, detailed commercial and residential as-built site surveys plan.
Our Site Plan surveys include sidewalks, flower bed curbs, building lines, open patios, fence lines, walkways, sheds, decks, and more. We deliver high-volume As-Built plans through a variety of platforms, including Point Cloud, AutoCAD, REVIT, still pictures, and 360-degree photography.

Change of Use Permits

Here are what we need for a new CO:
The first use of a building
A change of use of a building
A change of lessee on an existing CO, or
An existing use expand or reduce a floor area
Call us to help you to get a Certificate of Occupancy

Shop Drawings

Contractors and manufacturers trust DFW CAD Drafting to create professional Shop Drawings. These may be used to show the placement of prefabricated components, or to plan the installation of metal duct and electrical work, piping and fire protection.

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Site Plans


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Occupancy Calculations


Existing Floor Plans


New Floor Plans


Structural Engineering Design*


Mechanical Plans*


Electrical Plans*


Plumbing Plans designed by an Engineer*

* Required engineer reports/plans/permits provided by independent engineer consultants.

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