The term “visualization” refers to an artistic representation of a project before it is actually built, and usually before formal plans for building are created. Making changes to a building project in the visualization stage is much less expensive than altering plans after they have been approved, or once building has begun.

2D Illustration are hand-rendered drawings that depict a building from a certain point of view. Usually, these are conceptual, to describe the situation of a building on a certain property, or to capture the final look of landscaping.

3D Visualization accomplishes the same conceptual goal as illustration, using 3D software, realistic materials and lighting, and illustrative or realistic rendering techniques. In many cases, a site survey can add specific details that match the building with it’s surroundings.

3D Animatoin puts the camera in motion to show a fly-through of the building site, or to examine a certain function or design element. Often, animation is combined with motion graphics to explain what is being shown in greater detail.